Our Artwork

Hilltop Artists had humble beginnings: students created glass art with Snapple bottles because they didn’t have the necessary equipment for more complicated objects. Today, Hilltop Artists students explore the medium of glass through glassblowing, flameworking, mosaics, and fusion. From fused dishes and wavy bowls, to tiny flameworked sculptures and elaborate vessels, Hilltop Artists students demonstrate their boundless creativity and innovation. Team Production, our program for advanced students, designs and makes glass art for commissions, installations, and Hilltop Artists’ signature biannual glass sales.

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Local businesses, hospitals, and organizations have given Hilltop Artists students the opportunity to create public art installations in their facilities.

Suck bowls

Commissioned Work

Even when we have a gallery full of student work, it may not be exactly what you’re looking for– did you know you can commission a student-made work of art?


Student Work/Sales

Glass made by Hilltop Artists students is available for purchase during an assortment of events and gallery hours throughout the year.