Meet Jacob!

Student Story – Jacob

Jacob had a busy summer!

Jacob was the third student to represent Hilltop Artists in Tacoma’s Sister City, Biot, France. For three weeks this summer, he soaked in the French culture and studied glassblowing with renowned glass artist, Antoine Pierini. “I spent long hours in an active hot shop working with Antoine and learning new techniques. I even learned how to trap an air bubble — but the on-purpose, exactly-where-you-want-it kind of air bubble.”

Going to Biot was definitely the highlight of Jacob’s summer. He is thankful for the opportunity to represent Hilltop Artists in France. His message for the supporters who made his trip possible: “You are rad!”

Jacob is currently a member of Team Production and has been involved with several different programs at Hilltop Artists. Jacob got involved after learning about the After-School program from his older brother. He then rearranged his schedule so he could also be a daytime student and when old enough, he applied for Team Production. His goal was just to “do it as much as possible.”

After returning from France in August, Jacob was part of the Team Production group who completed a Visiting Artist Residency at the Museum of Glass and created the beautiful centerpieces for our upcoming Better Futures Luncheon. Jacob loves glassblowing and enjoys getting to do an activity he loves with his friends. His future plans include “any sort of job so I can keep doing glassblowing.” As a senior at Tacoma’s School of the Arts, he is also exploring glassblowing programs at places like Pilchuck Glass School to continue his education.

We are glad to have him back after his travels this summer and excited to see all of Jacob’s new techniques!

This collage of Jacob in Biot was featured in a local magazine!

This collage of Jacob in Biot was featured in a local magazine!