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Student Story – David

David, our September Student of the Month, has had quite the year in Hilltop Artists.

David became a Hilltop Artist when he joined the Jason Lee In-School Electives program over five years ago. After also attending our Summer School Program, he applied for Team Production, where he has flourished as a dedicated member and emerging artist.

This past summer, David was the second student to represent Hilltop Artists in Tacoma’s Sister City, Biot, France. For three weeks, he soaked in the South of France and studied glassblowing with renowned glass artist, Antoine Pierini. David had the time of his life! “The whole trip was incredible,” David says, “and I loved learning new glassblowing techniques from Antoine, my hero.” Discovering so many new glassblowing methods, meeting several glass artists, and helping Antoine do a glass installation in Monaco gave David many new ideas about the possibilities for glass – now he’s certain he wants glass to be part of his life forever.

Now that he has returned from France, David is very excited to get back to Team Production. He loves being a part of a team as well as the freedom that Production members have to express themselves through glass art. Additionally, David will begin classes at Green River Community College for an Associates of Fine Arts degree, and be an After-School teaching assistant to Tony Sorgenfrei at Wilson High School where he is looking forward to sharing what he learned in Biot. Congratulations, David!