94/06/30 HILLTOP ARTS IN R Copy

Student Story – Carolina

In the summer of 1994, Carolina participated in two of the first Hilltop Artists classes. She had been recommended to the Hilltop Artists program by her art teacher, who knew that Carolina was having a rough time at home and would benefit from the opportunity. Carolina’s parents were going through a divorce, which was turning her home life upside down. At Hilltop Artists, Carolina could just focus on the work before her and disconnect from the stress and worry of home. Carolina felt connected at Hilltop Artists, appreciating the chance to have an exchange with people who saw the world through the lens of an artist, like her. She had been told her whole life that books and academics were the only way to be successful. For the first time, Carolina felt encouraged to pursue a creative career. Carolina, who now lives in Los Angeles, went on to become a hairstylist, working on photo shoots for magazines and runway shows. Carolina still considers Hilltop Artists one of her favorite life experiences.

Follow this link to hear Carolina’s story in her own words