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Have You Met Aceline?
Have you met Aceline?

Since 6th grade, Aceline has been interested in becoming a glass artist. Fortunately, last year, as a 7th grader, she was able to take glass arts as an elective in our Daytime program at Jason Lee. She was instantly hooked.…

Have You Met Nikki?
Have you met Nikki?

Nikki first found her passion for glassblowing in classes offered at Tacoma Glassblowing Studio. It was an activity that she enjoyed that didn’t put her joints at risk of injury like the sports she had been playing. She needed a…

Did You Meet Léa?
Did you meet Léa?

In 2014, we began an exciting exchange program - each year we send a student to study glassblowing with renowned glass artist Antoine Pierini in Tacoma’s Sister City Biot, France. Thanks to the generosity of local host families, we have…

Have You Met Monique?
Have you met Monique?

Monique Simkova is the newest member of our team. As the Events and Development Manager, many of you will likely get to know her as you attend our events, contact us with questions, or stop by to shop at our…

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Quick Facts


Between 2007 and 2014, 96% of all eligible Hilltop Artists students graduated from High School. In 2013-19, 100% graduated.


On average, an After-School student receives 211 hours of instruction.


Every year, Hilltop Artists engages over 80 volunteers who give over 500 hours to the organization. Our dedicated volunteers made everything happen at our events and in our offices.

Glass Sales

Student-generated glass sales totaled $156,915 in 2018.


Team Production completed over 50 commissions of varying size, quantity, and style during our 2018-19 Fiscal Year.


Hilltop Artists students create their glass-blown art with molten glass that has been heated in the furnace to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Our students learn to respect safety precautions as they work as a team using very hot materials.


Our annual fundraiser is the Better Futures Luncheon. Attendees hear from our students about the impact of Hilltop Artists on their lives, have first access to unique glass items, and have an opportunity to connect young people to better futures through their support. Learn more about our 2019 Better Futures Luncheon here.


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Annual Reports

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