Common Threads Installation

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Common Threads Installation


Apr 12, 2016 -


May 26, 2016

W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory
All Day

View the Common Threads Installation

ConservatoryHilltop Artists students have been hard at work collaborating, designing, and producing glass art inspired by Kantha Embroidery for the biennial exhibition at W.W. Seymour Conservatory in Wright Park. Kantha Embroidery is a textile artform from South Asia that tells stories through patterns and symbols. Students have investigated folk art and storytelling throughout the school year, translating what they learn into unique glass art.

One of the ways Hilltop Artists students explore these ideas is through sandcasting. In-School Electives students brought in an object with personal meaning, such as jewelry, mementos, and toys. They pressed their object into the sand, creating a mold into which molten glass was poured.

Common Threads will be on view April 12, 2016 through May 26, 2016. Admission to the Conservatory is free. Click here for more information about W.W. Seymour Conservatory hours.

Find the online exhibition catalog and learn more about Common Threads here!

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