After-School Program

We have two semesters available for After-School enrollment. We accept applications for fall semester in September and for spring semester in January. These sessions fill up fast and there is always a waiting list, so please fill out and return your application as soon as you can.

The After-School program meets Monday through Thursday from 3:00-4:30pm at Jason Lee Middle School and Monday through Thursday from 2:30-4:00pm at Wilson High School. Generally, middle school students will attend at Jason Lee and high school students will attend at Wilson. There is no cost to the student for the class. Students must be at least 12 to participate.

Students will learn glassblowing, flame-working (bead-making), and glass fusion. Students will learn to work in teams, to build trust with their peers and instructors, to be part of a decision making process, and to explore their own creativity and imagination!

Apply Today!

Applications are now available for 1st semester 2018-19

1st day of program: October 8, 2018

Application (English)                        Application (Spanish)

Return completed applications to Hilltop Artists or scan/email to Please contact Kathy Anderson if you have any questions. | 253.571.7739 |

Hilltop Artists After-School Glass Arts

Glass_1      Glass_2

Students will learn about hot shop safety, and basic glassblowing terminology and will learn a variety of glassblowing techniques and skills.

Bead_2      Bead_1

Students will create their own beautiful glass beads! Lampworking is the technique of using a torch to melt glass rods to create beautiful, colorful glass beads. Students will learn about the tools and techniques, and how to meld and shape beads and add color and texture, and learn some basic techniques for creating jewelry.

Fusion_1      Fusion_2

Glass Fusion
Hilltop Artists After-School class offers an exciting and informative introduction to the creative world of glass fusion! Students will learn to cut and grind a variety of shapes and use them to create geometric slumped trays, creatures, and designs of their own.